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  • Samsung 60" LED SMART TV

    $186,000.00 $148,000.00


    Today, technology has advanced so much that it has become indispensable to solve from the biggest problems to the simplest tasks; Even, has become one of the most common forms of entertainment today. Proof of this are the High Resolution televisions . These powerful devices are capable of becoming great tools for fun thanks to the versatility of programs and movies that you can enjoy through a screen with excellent resolution . Not only can you view your favorite content, but you can also connect your video game consoles or your computer and live an unparalleled experience in the comfort of your home or office.

    Through its inputs HDMI (4) and USB (3) and smart technology , you can access your laptop, Bluray , game consoles and enjoy your photos, videos, games and many more in the comfort of your TV, in addition to connection WiFi , you provide the Internet connection and access to the main portals video streaming , Youtube , also have access to social networks like Skype , Facebook , Twitter , so you will see online TV FoxPlay , Netflix and content on demand in A large screen with high definition and high quality images.It has Spotify which is the best cross-platform application used for streaming music playback.

    Live a new experience with this Smart TV Flat and feel how your sound and colors give life and quality to your movies , TV series , novels and local TV channels. Enjoy all the playbacks on your TV with High Definition resolution and feel the resolution in each box. Do not miss the opportunity to live your favorite video games in a screen of 152.4 Cm giving that touch of adrenaline you are looking for. With its FHD system , you will achieve an improvement in the focus of images in the presentations of action or sports transmissions, which will allow you to obtain a greater enjoyment of clearer, more fluid and natural images and everything next to your family,