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Starline Pressure Cooker 4.5 L

Starline Pressure Cooker 4.5 L

20CM 4.5 Liter Pressure Cooker

- The pressure cooker adopts high-quality aluminum alloy material, which features fast and uniform heat transfer, time and energy saving. 

- The internal device of the upper handle is matched with a self-lock valve to ensure safety - of lid opening or closing. 

- The upper handle is designed with three-point locking to avoid breaking off the handle 

- The lower handle fireproof ring protection is to prevent the handle from breaking off from burning

- The anti-clogging cover device will keep exhaust tube from clogging of food

- The use of multiple safety structure by the safety valve, alarm valve, and overpressure safety air window will ensure the safety of the operator

- Overpressure automatic alarming device will remind the operator to shut off thermal source immediately. 

- Unique handle structure is firm and free of breaking-off. 

$5,200.00 $4,000.00